Functional Medicine

Integrative & Functional Medicine combines the best available in Health Care to obtain optimum results by maximizing the body’s natural healing mechanisms.
Via the fusion of the best in conventional western medicine, evidence-based complementary medicine and other therapies within current mainstream health practice, Integrative & Functional Medicine Medicine aims to restore, regenerate and maximise your health. We take into account all aspects of the patients’ wellbeing with specific emphasis given to the patients physical, chemical and emotional spheres. Integrative & Functional Medicine models are individualised patient-centred science-based approaches to empower the patient and practitioners to collaborate together and address underlying causes and not just focus on the symptoms. Integrative & Functional Medicine focus is always to apply the most suitable, safe and evidence – based treatments currently available. Our practitioners integrate various chiropractic techniques, functional testing if required, advanced nutrition, dietary changes and herbal medicines.