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Your chiropractors at Freshwater Chiropractic are committed to providing an enjoyable, nurturing and holistic experience for all ages. With our friendly and supportive staff and professional chiropractic doctors, we aim to create an environment that fosters wellbeing. We are passionate about serving the community and helping to create happier and healthier families.

Dr Zoe Braund - Integrative Chiropractor


Dr Zoe Braund provides Holistic Health Solutions for families. Her ability to connect with both adults and children alike, on many levels enables her clients to experience lasting improvements.

Having experienced how hard and unbalanced busy family life can be, and the devstating result this stress can have on your family, Zoe is equipped to help women calm the chaos within. Using a combination of physical, nutritional and emotional techniques, Zoe will help you recover your energy, resilience and sleep and help you grow a thriving family.

While Zoe works with bodies of all ages with a wide range of presenting concerns, she is in her element working with children. From babies to teens, she works with children with learning delays, behavioural problems and development concerns. She has a wealth of knowledge and practical tips to support many family challenges.

A mum to three active children, together with her husband Andrew, they enjoy time outdoors surfing, swimming, snowboarding and exploring. A regular meditation and yoga practice combined with a healthy whole food plant focussed diet, helps calm the chaos of family and working life.

With a Bachelor of Science from UNSW and a Masters of Chiropractic from Macquarie University, Zoe has pursued further studies throughout the last 20 years that assess and balance Neurological integrity, Nutrition, Biochemistry, Gut microbiome and Emotions.

Dr Luke Jarrouge

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Dr Luke is a chiropractor with a BIG passion for Functional movement and Rehabilitation. He learnt from some of Sydney’s best functional movement trainers and coaches. He is highly motivated to fuse traditional chiropractic care with functional movement rehabilitation ensuring clients have an active involvement in their recovery. Dr Luke has a systemic, whole body approach to rehabilitation that is unique to the individual and includes hands on treatment, chiropractic adjustments, mobilisations, soft tissue release and dry needling. A personalised strength and rehabilitation healing program is designed to complement the treatment and have YOU functioning at your best in no time. 

Dr Luke also tutors Master of Chiropractic students at Macquarie University  in Functional Rehabilitation  and he thrives teaching and motivating our future chiropractors. Dr Luke has a caring and nurturing nature, motivated by a strong desire to help improve the health of your body and mind. He has a desire to understand the mind body relationship and how it impacts your health, which led him to complete further studies in Neuro Emotional Technique (NET), Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Holistic Hypnotherapy.

Michelle Kew

We are so excited to announce the arrival of Michelle Kew who will be joining the team at Freshwater Chiropractic as a Mellilo Method Practitioner in Brain Rehabilitation. Michelle will be assisting Dr Zoe with the brain balance therapy, brain rehab and laser protocols.  Michelle has a very calming, empathetic and nurturing approach and has 20 years experience working previously as a  chiropractor and clinical pilates instructor in South Africa and London. Michelle will be running our Brain Balance 

Lucy Lex - Mellilo Method Practitioner & Chiropractic Assistant


I experienced my first chiropractic adjustment as a baby, when I was 4 months old and have continued to reap the benefits of continued chiropractic care ever since. As a result, I developed a real passion for holistic health, fitness and wellbeing, which is how I found myself studying a Bachelor of Chiropractic Science at Macquarie University so that I can help others experience the same benefits that I have.

Working alongside Zoe educates and inspires me to work hard at my degree as I see the positive effect she has on her clients. In my spare time I enjoy practicing yoga and will often find myself in nature, whether it be sitting on the beach soaking up some vitamin D rays or exploring a new bush walk. I look forward to welcoming you into the clinic and sharing your health journey with you.

Melissa Lee - Chiropractic Assistant


Sheri Carter - Chiropractic Assistant

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